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Scripting for Adobe After Effects

So I got asked, can you from this make something we can put on screen for projection? This was a historical timeline, created by Timeline JS tool and somehow needed to get the event spreadsheet turned into a graphical presentation video roll. That would be scripting for Adobe After Effects (AE) which I had not really done, there are however so called expressions, but that is somewhat limited version, controlling a particular values of a layer, not generating content. I have done some tweaks for a script for InDesign but that was so long ago, and I have always hated JavaScript (JS), so I had to start from scratch. Continue reading Scripting for Adobe After Effects

Film vs. Digital – Side by Side documentary

Side_by_side_2012[1]For quite some time there have been fuss about so called digital revolution, in terms of image acquisition. Film is dead, there is no more real cinema, anyone can make a movie and many other claims. Recently I stumbled on a Film vs. Digital РSide by Side documentary  narrated by Keanu Reeves. A good one, it tries to show all sides, cost efficiency of digital, esthetic of film, freedom in digital and discipline of film, and much more, highly recommended! Continue reading Film vs. Digital РSide by Side documentary