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Understanding Exposure To The Right (ETTR)

I stumbled on the Automatic Exposure To The Right – ETTR when I wanted to have bulb ramping feature of Magic Lantern and could not find in my 7D build. Bulb ramping was replaced with the conjunction of those two to give even better result. How nice of them, tough if somebody would have explained how to use it in real life. I had to spend couple days in ML forums and had to do some tests to understand how those features actually work. and when you add the dual_iso to the mix it gets very complicated at first. Continue reading Understanding Exposure To The Right (ETTR)

Time lapse tips

For some time I have been doing time lapses, and failed quite often – tough you learn from your mistakes. Sometimes pure chance can give nice results, but mostly it is your effort, and doing it again, and again till it’s perfect. Don’t drop the hope after first failures, sometimes result is so so rewarding at the end. Like getting two nice meteorite strikes I had captured – Lyrids continued. I would like to share some time lapse tips I have learned.

So here are some tips and / or typical errors to avoid. most of them are trivial and I hope you never do them, as I have 😉 Continue reading Time lapse tips

Magic Lantern on 7D

So finally I have done what I should have for quite some time – join the Magic Lantern (ML) craze of turning your already complicated peace of gear in to more complicated one ;). For those who don’t know what it is – it is a hack for Canon DSLR’s involving a hack in firmware to make it try to load an application form memory card, witch in turn enables all the bells and whistles you can think of. Ok there are some limits, but those are by the hardware not software. Continue reading Magic Lantern on 7D

Lyrids continued

Still being cross of our failure to capture any decent Lyrids meteorite action (read it here: Lyrids), we went out again. This time not because of the meteorites, but because of a view I saw on the way back home – that was a windless night, so water in the river Daugava was still like mirror, and you could see stars reflecting, such a nice view. But I was cold, angry, tired so I could not make my self unpack and get the picture.

Continue reading Lyrids continued