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Nature photography – selecting a story to tell

I have not been that active on this website for a couple of reasons, one being rather busy with work – like recording sessions, other enjoying summer and cycling and outdoors.

This time I would like to share my though of nature photography, and why for quite some time I sucked it it. And I still do, but there seems to be a solution to this. Continue reading Nature photography – selecting a story to tell

Old M42 lenses – info, reviews, sample images

Old m42 lenses still is hot topic in DSLR video world, even tough information on them is all around, some if not the best is in languages like Russian, badly organized or simply wrong. some might ask why? mostly because m42 mount survived the longest in soviet union, and thus majority of lenses are soviet made. Majority of them if not all are based on Carl Zeiss designs, because at the end of the WWII Jena factory fell in to soviet hands and was moved with all documentation and machinery, and some say even workers too to Russia and begun producing the same products under different names and later continued the work started in that Jena factory. Continue reading Old M42 lenses – info, reviews, sample images

Understanding exposure (ISO vs. f-stop vs. shutter)

Photography is a creative means of sharing an emotion or a message, yet it is still a photochemical or photoelectric process bound by physics rules. Understanding exposure is way to master the mathematics of the physical phenomenon and making it to comply with you creative needs.

Understanding exposure scares even photographers, because some deem it unnecessary, others – to complex, and most – don’t even bother, because most of decent cameras do exposure assessment automatically, and in more advanced cameras you can even chose it to prioritize some of the settings and compensate with others. Like sports mode goes for shot shutter and tries to compensate lack of light by boosting sensitivity (ISO, DIN, GOST) and opening aperture (f-stop, iris or diaphragm), or portrait would keep the diaphragm open for nice blurred background, and so on. Continue reading Understanding exposure (ISO vs. f-stop vs. shutter)